Thursday, 1 May 2014

Feast Your Eyes on NEW Makeup Releases!

When I was working at Mecca Cosmetica, my favourite part of each month was learning about all the new release products. There is nothing better than the rush of discovering something new, looking forward to getting your hands on it and finally getting to touch, play and wear these new babies you've been obsessing about! It's a sick cycle that I'm still hooked on and with any luck, I can give you a taste of some new wonderful products so you too can feel the rush!

Benefit - They're Real Push-up Liner
I love liquid liner pens, it takes all the mess and hassle out of applying your liquid liner. Lucky for us Benefit Cosmetics have been hard at work creating what they are calling a 'game changer' in the world of eyeliner pens. This pen is different to other popular eyeliner pens because it has a wide angled nib that 'hugs the lash line from corner to corner'. Another difference that the pen contains a gel liner formula so it should mean a thicker and more stable consistency and therefore an easier application. This product is reported to be released in May in the US and hopefully we wont wait long to get it in Aus and I will wait patiently to have a play and see if their '5 years research' was worth it!
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Too Faced - The Little Black Book of Bronzers
So you may have a bronzer or two at home but what if you could have 8 different shades of bronzer to suit every golden whim and bronzing need you have? Well, thank goodness for Too Faced for coming through with this quite large Book of Bronzers. Containing all of their classic bronzers from the Chocolate bronzer, famous for smelling just like chocolate to the Pink Leopard that really could double as a blush, this book has them all! Not even released in the US yet, it is rumoured to retail for $139 (USD) and whether or not it will be picked up by Mecca Maxima is yet to be seen but I could see them selling it as a part of their holiday (christmas) offerings. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
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NYX - Macaron Lipsticks in 12 new shades
The recent addition of NYX to all Target stores has made the brand a bit more relevant to Aussie consumers and the timing is great with the addition of their new Macaron Lipstick range. These highly pigmented lipsticks come in a range of unusual colours. Sure not everyone is looking for a yellow or a green lipstick but I personally enjoy having the option and what if you want to rock out some Lil' Kim realness? You are going to need one in every shade for sure! Already available in the US, NYX are yet to say when these babies will be available in our country but keep any eye on their facebook page (NYX Australia) for more information.


Friday, 25 April 2014

Say Goodbye to These 3 Makeup Trends!

Fashion is fickle, what is 'hot' one minute will be a hot mess the next. Some of the makeup trends that you are wearing today are quickly making the 'not hot' list and I have outlined the 3 biggest trends to kiss goodbye!

1: See You Later Liquid Liner
Yes the days of the dramatic liquid liner are numbered. It's had a good run, being a popular eye liner choice for the past 6-8 years but its time is coming to an end and in it's place is a much softer, barely there liner look. So try ditching the liquid liner and opt for a neutral pencil or no liner at all but make sure you really amp up the mascara! Makes those lashes long and luxurious to keep your eyes the main focus.

Barely there liner with lots of mascara will be the next big thing!
2: So Long Structured Brows
The last 5 years has seen the rise of the heavily structured brow and at the peak of its popularity we saw the infamous 'scouse brow' (google it and be appalled) but the future of our brows is looking relaxed and natural! No longer will we be stenciling on sharp structured brows, nor will we obsessively be plucking them into sharp boxy shapes but instead will be letting them get a little thick and bushy in a natural fashion. This more natural approach to brows can already be seen on the runways and in beauty editorials so give it another year or so and you may find yourself putting down the tweezers and embracing a little more brow!

Australian Model Samantha Harris has the perfect example of the more natural brow!
3: Bye Bye Bronzer
It seems like only yesterday people were asking 'what is Bronzer and what does it do'. When I started doing makeup (many moons ago) Bronzer was new on the scene and people quickly became obsessed with the healthy glow and the contoured look it gave but nearly 10 years later, the romance is over. Bronzer is quickly becoming the product left on the table in many make overs. It has been replaced with skin illuminating products, this is how we will get our skin to have the healthy glow we all crave without the 'muddy' and occasionally patchy texture of Bronzer.

Seen at MBFW 2014, put the bronzer down and embrace dewy illuminated skin! 



Monday, 24 March 2014

Reviews: SweetPea and Fay Lipsticks!

Oh boy, it has been a while since I have blogged about anything but having a baby will do that to a lady! Now I am at home with a newborn boy who mostly sleeps all day I have some time to catch up on a few reviews I've been meaning to do and today I am reviewing the SweetPea and Fay liquid lipsticks!

So I discovered this cute little brand of lipsticks through my fav beauty blog, they did a review on 4 colours and at first I thought that they looked super similar to the OCC Lip Tars or the Sleek Pout Paints but what kept me interested was in that review they had mentioned that they had worn them for 6 hours without any flaking or patching and that is super impressive for a liquid lipstick! I knew I had to try them so I ordered the Sweetheart Trio (contains Beluga, Mermaid Kiss and Tea Cup) which after postage and conversion from US dollars came to about $35 for the 3 lipsticks (and a lip brush), very reasonably priced!

They didn't take too long to arrive, I only waited about 2/3 weeks and I had these babies in my hot little hands.

First impressions: The packaging is really sweet, very handbag friendly and to my suprise the texture of these lipsticks is almost like a mousse which is great because many liquid lipsticks will leak through the packaging so these guys are definitely not going to ruin the interior of your handbag!
you can see the 'mousse' texture.
The colour payoff on these is also amazing, really highly pigmented but quite flexible so if you just want a sheer wash of colour you only need to apply it like a lip stain or you can go for high impact full colour by applying it more like a lipgloss.
Swatches in order: Tea Cup, Beluga and Mermaid Kiss
On the lips they feel soft and hydrating, very lightweight and comfortable. They definitely wear very well, although I did find that if you do apply them heavily the palest of the colours, Tea Cups did get a bit patchy and collect in the corners but I didn't have this problem with the other two.

Overall, I am loving these lippys! I will definitely be getting more to add to my professional kit because these will be amazing for brides.

Some of the other things that I loved about these is that I was able to use them as a liquid blush by pressing a very small amount into the cheeks with my fingers, so one product does two jobs! Fantastic! Also, being liquid means that you are able to create your own custom colours by mixing a few shades together so anything would be possible and for $7.99 (USD) you really get a lot of bang for your buck.

If you decide to invest in some of these, let me know what shades you get and what you think. I am 100% positive you will love them.


Monday, 30 December 2013

New Year, New You!

2014 is here! The start of the new year is of course the time to think about ways you can improve yourself and your life with small changes with resolutions you actually will keep.

I have sat down and jotted down my personal resolutions for this year, which will hopefully inspire you to have a think about what small promises you can make to yourself to help make 2014 the best year yet!

1) No More Cheap Nail Polish!
I promise to no longer buy the cheap nail polish from the supermarket that I impulse buy and then always regret when it chips within a day of wearing it! Sure it's cheap in price but its cheap in quality too and I'd rather spend $20 on one great nail polish that I will cherish and enjoy than have 10 $2 nail polishes that fill me with regret.
My buy of the year is the Sportsgirl Nail Art Set ($14.95) - Nail Art will continue to be popular in 2014 and why not invest in this awesome little set which will help you to achieve any nail design you are after!
2) Always Have a Beautiful Candle at the Ready!
There are moments in life that are made better by the scent of a beautiful burning candle so I like to have a stash of them in my linen closet for any moment you may choose to enjoy the calm serenity of that tiny flame.
My favourite Candle of the moment is from a local supplier Red Bamboo ( in Strawberries and Champagne.
3) Try New Things, Mix it up!
It's so easy to get stuck into the same routine, the same look and the same products. Why not dedicate this year to trying something new? A new hairstyle or a new lipstick colour you have never tried before, it can be refreshing and exciting to break out of the same ol'!
My something new that I am starting 2014 with is wearing dresses! Seems silly but I have been a pants/jeans girl since leaving school and wearing dresses has never been my style but this year will be different! I will make the dress my own.

What will be your 'Something New' this new years?



Sunday, 15 December 2013

3 Simple Steps: Summer Skin Makeover!

Summer is here and so many of my clients are crying out about their skin woe's during this time of year. Canberra's climate goes from dry and cold to hot and sunny in no time and the dramatic change in climate can stress your skin. So its time to ditch the winter skin care and change your regime to achieve that summer glow we are all after!

Step 1: Exfoliate!
Nothing like a good scrub to rejuvenate a dull complexion. Doing this once or twice a week you will be helping to keep your pores clear of dirt and dead skin that can cause breakouts and blackheads. It also makes the treatment and hydration steps of your regime more effective because it is being applied directly to fresh skin.
These are the perfect summer exfoliator! An anti-aging self tanner that contains Active Vitamin D will help to tighten pores, eliminate black heads and fade existing sun spots while giving you that beautiful summer glow! 

Step 2: Treatment!
So now that we are fresh faced, its time to apply a treatment mask. If you find that you have lots of black heads or break outs then a mud mask will really help to extract the impurities or if you find that you suffer from redness and uncomfortable skin then a soothing hydrating mask will work wonders. Most of us though will be looking for something to make us soft, smooth and replace all the nutrients our skin is missing, then you must try an Algae mask!
Nutrient rich Algae nurtures and balances the skin leaving it soft and smooth! - Myer $40

Step 3: Hydrate!
It's time to ditch the rich and thick winter moisturisers and opt for a lighter hydrator, preferably with some spf. If you have large pores and are quite oily then go for an oil free moisturiser to keep those pores clean and clear. If you have a delicate, finer skin then go for a light weight moisturiser that contains a rose oil to keep you wonderfully hydrated. For most of us though, a general spf moisturiser that contains Hyaluronic Acid (an ingredient that binds water into your skin) will do the job!
This miracle skin saviour is a must at summer! Hydrating and filled with antioxidants, it also contains your daily dose of sunscreen! - Mecca Cosmetica $45
Having beautiful summer skin is easy with these threes steps. Do this routine once or twice a week and I promise you a glow greater than Jennifer Hawkins!